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obviously all servers are different and coming into a RP server which focus's on the major population being emergency services i feel like we should have a training program

i think that as a community or by admin choice we should assign the best of our RP members in all catagorys police,fenz,St Johns etc to have training officers that can spend some time with new "recruits" who want to take the server seriously to run them through the RP side of the commands and demonstrate with them scenario's that they may encounter and help them be prepared to go it alone 

in joining this server i shadowed at a lot of call outs to try learn how the members of this server played there RP and the biggest part i am even missing is the commands and how its used in the /do /me etc in chat so having someone who can guide us through that for the first time while we take notes or mentally just be a legend and get it first time 😛  would be epic to have an environment to be able to do that i think it will also help with maintaining players because they'll feel valued that we're taking the time to introduce them and put some effort into keeping them around 🙂  


i would absolutely love feedback on this idea the good and the bad 🙂 

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