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FivePD Rules


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Please ensure you read and are familiar with all of the rules for the BHRP FivePD Server.

By joining and playing on the FivePD Server, you agree to the rules set out below.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in disciplinary action by the FivePD Staff Team.


1. General Rules
1.1: Community Rules

The Community Rules apply to the Beehive RP FivePD Server at all times. These can be found in the BHRP Discord under #community-rules.

1.2: Maturity

All players must remain mature at all times. Your capacity to play is judged by your level of maturity, should staff deem you too immature, you may be removed from the server.

1.3: Common Sense

You must use Common Sense at all times.

1.4: Microphone

A working microphone/headset with push-to-talk settings is required to play on the server. No Microphone = No Play.

1.5: Client-side Modifications

Players using any client-side mod menus, or installed software which is not normally accessible, in order to modify the server in any capacity will be permanently banned.
Visual modifications such as MVGA & NVE are approved for use. 

1.6: Your Duty

If you come across things by accident, such as being able to jump high, run fast, go through walls or spawn vehicles you’re not meant to, you must report this to a staff member immediately. Any players who are seen exploiting game mechanics/permissions which are in place for fair roleplay will be banned for a time determined by staff, either temporarily or permanently.

1.7: Trolling

Trolling is not permitted. This includes all forms where the intention is to interrupt roleplay. (E.g. RDM/VDM, screaming over the radio, spamming radio/voice chat with music, etc.)

1.8: Meta Gaming

Meta gaming is not permitting, or in plain English using information that wouldn't usually be accessible to you character in a RP scene to your advantage. This also includes responding to calls you see aimed at a different service. Or watching someone's live stream to gain an advantage. 


2. FivePD Roleplay

2.1: Interjecting

You must not inject, interrupt or willingly join other roleplay situations. The only time you may interrupt or willingly join a roleplay situation is when there has been a request for your attendance, and both parties have agreed to it.

    2.1.1: This including cop baiting and civ baiting. Please be mindful of your interactions. Cop/Civ baiting will result in consequences 

2.2: Radio

Players must use the radio appropriately at all times.

    2.2.1: Players must ensure they are in the appropriate radio channels.
    2.2.2: Players must maintain RTO at all times.
    2.2.3: Ensure you are not talking over, or interrupting anyone else!
    2.2.4: Civilians should not be on emergency radio channels at any time.

2.3: Chain of Command

Players must follow the Chain of Command at all times. People who are of higher rank than you may take command, or task you with jobs to do. You are required to listen to them within reason.

For assistance with the rank structure for Ambulance, Fire and Police - See the relevant #fivepd-info channels.

Failure to abide by instructions may be considered FailRP. This can be reported to staff by using #create-a-ticket in the Discord.

2.4: Zoning

The rules around zoning are below

    2.4.1: Green Zones are any Police station, Ambulance station, Hospital or Fire station. These are zero hostility areas. Hostile RP cannot be started or brought into these areas.
    2.4.2: The Aircraft Carrier and Chatham Island are both Red Zones. These areas cannot be accessed without prior staff approval.

2.5: Emergency Service Interaction

    2.5.1: Police should not be stopping, arresting, detaining or otherwise prosecuting emergency service players. Any misconduct from emergency services should be reported to staff/leadership.

    2.5.2: Tackle Cuffing/Instant Cuffing is Prohibited. You may not cuff an offender while tackling them. If you wish to cuff an offender, they must be stationary. 
    2.5.3: Offenders must be stationary for two full seconds before they can be cuffed. You cannot cuff an offender as they are running away from you.
    2.5.4: Using a taser, or a vehicle to detain or stop an offender from fleeing on foot must be the last resort after extensive efforts have been made to detain the offender on foot.
    2.5.5: You cannot shoot a taser out of a vehicle as police, doing so is classed as FailRP. 

    2.5.6: All Emergency Services are prohibited from any form of "Corruption". Corrupt RP is classed as Fail RP.


3. Staff Interaction

3.1: Staff Instructions

When given instruction by any staff member, you must follow their directions without any form of delay. Failure to do so may result in consequences.

3.2: Hostility

Being aggressive, hostile, ignorant or toxic to staff will not be tolerated at any time. If you are, this will result in consequences.

3.3: Evading Staff

Evading staff is not allowed. Do not attempt to flee, kill, drag or teleport away from staff who are trying to talk to you. They are there to help and educate you to get the most out of your time on the server. Evading staff will result in consequences.

3.4: Impersonating Staff

Impersonating staff will not be tolerated at any time. Do not pretend to be a staff member at any given time, this includes wearing any staff clothing at any given time, including the vest & hoodie. If you do, this will result in consequences.

3.5: Staff Conduct

If you feel that you have been mistreated or unfairly dealt with by staff, you are welcome to #create-a-ticket reporting a staff member.

3.6: Multiple Accounts on a Single GTA or Steam Licence

If you have multiple accounts that share a copy of GTA or Steam Licence, any staff action taken on one account, will automatically affect all linked accounts.

This is not something staff can control, this is due to the licencing.

Therefore, users accept that any action will affect all linked accounts regardless of the player intended to be actioned.

Example: One account is given a 24 hour ban, every linked account will be given the same punishment. Staff can not change affected users.


4. Vehicle Conduct

4.1: Using Appropriate Vehicles

Vehicles must remain appropriate at all times.

    4.1.1: Modifications done to any emergency vehicle must be approved by the appropriate leadership team. This includes but is not limited to vehicles rims, body panels, window tint and ride height.
    4.1.2: Vehicles that may affect the experience of others must be reported to a staff member and then disposed of in a timely manner. This includes but is not limited to large vehicles such as submarines or dump trucks and vehicles with player killing features such as firearms, flame throwers or large spikes.
    4.1.3: On Duty players for all services should only be driving appropriate vehicles. IE Police should not be actively operating a civilian vehicle unless they are able to produce a valid reason for operating said civilian car when prompted by staff.

4.2: Player Responsibility 

It is the players responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is appropriate. For emergency vehicles, the guidelines are be entered below.

    4.2.1: Police: Click Here
    4.2.2: Ambulance: Click Here
    4.2.3: Fire and Emergency: Click Here

4.3: Use of Specialist Vehicles

There should only be one of each specialist vehicle in operation at any given time. IE Only one eagle active at any given moment.

    4.3.1: Eagle should remain above an altitude of 120 as viewed in the camera. The only exception for this being during take off, landing or agreed upon operations. 
    4.3.2: Eagle operations should be mindful of their affect on a scene at all times. IE Eagle should clear off when requested by police staff.
    4.3.3: Lady Liz/Deodar, the police boat, should not be brought ashore or spawned on land.


5. Player Clothing/Weapons

5.1: Outfits

All players must be wearing the appropriate clothing, this is at the discretion of the active staff.

    5.1.1:  All On Duty players (emergency services) must be wearing the appropriate uniform for the service they are playing at all times. All police staff must wear a police vest and belt whenever outside the station unless otherwise advised by an Inspector+.
    5.1.2:  Only AOS members can wear AOS-specific clothing. AOS Members are on the AOS section of the roster and have the AOS role in Discord. The leg/thigh Glock holster is considered an AOS-Only item. AOS Members may wear it across all their police outfits, not just AOS outfits. AOS Vests/shirts are considered AOS-only items. These items are available under `POL | AOS|` in the /eup menu.

5.2: Weapons

All emergency services must be using the correct weapons available to them.

    5.2.1:  Fire & Emergency / St John should never have any weapons.
    5.2.2: General duties police staff should not be using AOS-Only weapons. These weapons are located under the AOS Weapons sub-menu in the vehicle gear.


6. Civilian Conduct

Getting Started
6.1.1: Creating a QP/QVR
QPs/QVRs are a requirement and are used by police to run your information. QP stands for 'Query Person' and QVR  stands for 'Query Vehicle Registration'.
The process of creating a QP/QVR has been streamlined as much as possible but still requires some work from civilians.

To create a QP, you must first register a character. These characters are persistent and will save across server/game restarts.
To create a character, you must use the /civ command and click the 'Create Character' button at the top of the menu.
Enter a first name followed by a last name as prompted The menu will then ask you for a QP.

QPs are formatted specifically to provide police with the information they need. There are 2 templates below for you to use and swap out the details.

"John Smith male not known not wanted nil flags comes back to a 271 address nil actives class 1  full license 0 demerits"
"John Smith male known and wanted for theft flags for carries weapons comes back to a 106 address nil 1 license 20 demerits"

Once you have entered your QP, your character will be created. This may take up to 2 seconds. Once your character is created, you will have to mark it as 'active'. 
You can have multiple characters active at once, but your characters will only remain active while you are in-game. Once you leave the game and re-join, you will have to use /civ again, select your character, and select the 'log in' button to mark it as active.

QVRs are used by police to run a vehicle's information and are a requirement for using vehicles as a civilian. QVRs will not save across restarts.
If you are using a vehicle as a civ, you need to create a QVR for that vehicle.

To create a QVR, use /civ. QVRs are formatted to provide police with the information they need. Use the details below and swap out the details.

"Comes back to a green,toyota hilux utility registered to a John Smith of a 231 address license and reg both current nil flags"
"Comes back to a green, toyota hilux utility registered to a John Smith of a 231 address license and reg both current flags stolen"

Congratulations! You've successfully setup a QP & QVR. As previously mentioned, these aren't persistent and will have to be re-created after server restarts.
We recommend writing these down somewhere to copy/paste and save you time every time you join.

6.1.2: Going off duty
As an emergency-based server, the default duty status is on-duty. As a civilian, you need to be off duty. This is a requirement and allows police to cuff/drag you.
To go off duty, use /offduty. This is a requirement every time you join the server and wish to play as a civilian.

6.1.3: Interacting with Emergency Services
Civilians are no longer bound by rules to create RP scenarios. However it is encouraged they do whilst in AOP.  Civs still must RP with emergency services should they interact. 
(Civilians have more opportunity to RP between each other and create semi story lines or work a day to day job (Its up to your imagination. CIV-RP suddenly is no longer a chore and a choice. Calls will still be made as it remain the baseline ethos of CIV-RP though the pressure is removed. Normal server rules still apply in the sense of cop baiting etc.)

6.1.4: Outside of AOP
Civilians are able to explore the island outside of AOP but are not to create any calls outside of AOP. 
(Normal server rules still apply, however this will allow civs who need a break or want to do their own thing to take a breather or take time to find new interesting locations to create scenarios in future.)

Important Information
6.2.1: Priorities
We use a priority system to ensure the police aren't overloaded with priority jobs that require a large police response.
The priority status is displayed on the bottom left of your screen, and will either display InactiveCooldown, or Priority.

When the status is either 'Cooldown' or 'Priority' and you do not currently hold the active 'Priority', you cannot do a priority job.
Examples of a priority job are:
    - Fleeing police
      (You may flee from police on cooldown or during someone else's active priority on foot (Tactics to flee must not be excessive and within reason. Exploiting certain run styles & entering bodies of water which would require specialist Police resources)
      If you flee on foot and do one of the following it will be treated as a rule breach
              - Present and use a weapon
              - Enter a vehicle and continue to flee
              - Continuously get back up and run after being tazed, sprayed, attacked by a dog or hit by a vehicle
              - Attempt to flee/continue to flee from police while cuffed

    - Shooting/attacking/stabbing/harming police
    - Events that require a large scale police response (Hostage situations, barricaded subjects, kidnapping, etc)

If the status is 'Inactive', and you wish to do a priority, you may claim the priority status by using /inp
Once you have finished with your priority job, use /cooldown to end the job.

6.2.2: Placing 111 calls
Creating 111/105 calls is an important part of Civ RP. Before placing a 111 call, check the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, and look for the 'Active Comms' display.
If Active Comms is not active for the department you wish to create a call for, use the /111 command. The /105 command can also be used for non-emergency police calls.
If the Active Comms section displays 'Call Taker', use the radio to connect to channel 4, and you will speak to a 111 call taker.

6.2.3: Restricted Civ RP
The following types of RP are prohibited from being performed; Acts of terror (Terrorism), including bomb threats Animal RP Stealing emergency vehicles Anything sexual in nature Playing a character under the age of 16 on the radio channel of emergency services (1.0-3.99) Cop Baiting Discriminatory RP (religion, gender, ethnicity, politics, etc) Escaping custody, running in cuffs or otherwise attempting to escape the custody of a police officer once they have cuffed you Hitman/killing for hire RP Karen RP (Consistently requesting a supervisor, being extremely difficult, etc. Not fun for anyone) The Glock, Bushmaster, Baton Launcher, M110, Taser, Flashbang, and Radar Gun are all considered police weapons, and can't be used by civs. Mentally handicapped RP Suicide/Self Harm/Depressed RP Military / Military Police RP - Including overseas miliatry/enforcement entities. Impersonation of Emergency Services RP


6.2.4: Specialized Scenes
The scenes listed below require approval from an admin+ before they are conducted to ensure smooth operation. Please #create-a-ticket and provide an outline of your scene plan. Any scenes involving the use of aircraft (such as helicopters or planes) for escaping from law enforcement. Any commercial robbery involving four (4) or more civilians (e.g., banks or stores). Situations where more than three (3) civilians are armed with firearms. Scenes set in or including Cayo Perico or the 'Chatham Islands'. Scenes where emergency services personnel are taken hostage. Scenes involving ten (10) or more civilians.

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