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Community Rules


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The following Community Rules apply to all BeehiveRP game servers and Discord servers.


Rule 1
Members are required to act in a mature manner and are responsible for their own actions.
Rule 2
Hate speech, racism, sexism, discrimination or bullying is prohibited.
Rule 3
Any content intending to flame, bait or otherwise abuse another member is prohibited.
Rule 4
Sharing member personal information is prohibited.
Rule 5
Advertising of other communities or websites is prohibited.
Rule 6
Use of malicious scripts, exploiting, cheating or hacking is prohibited.
Rule 7
Multiple accounts are prohibited.
Rule 8
Impersonation of other members, staff or emergency personnel is prohibited.
Rule 9
Mic-spamming or using a soundboard is prohibited.
Rule 10
Staff have absolute discretion when it comes to enforcing any Community/Server rules.

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