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FivePD Callsign Requests


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Kia Ora,

This thread outlines the process of requesting a new FivePD Callsign.

The form will be reviewed by the FivePD Staff at the end of each week, or when they are available.

1. Ensure you have joined the Police Department through FivePD, in game.
(Press B when inside a Police vehicle to Join Department, you will be assigned a random callsign until it is changed)
2. Please request any callsign changes at a minimum of three weeks apart. (If you have a default callsign, which is automatically assigned, you can apply whenever).
3. Do not change your in-game name, as your callsign will no longer be valid.

The current callsign groups are:

Public Safety Team (WHI-)
Highway Unit (WHR-)
Delta Unit (WHD-)
CIB Unit (WHC-)
Motorcycle Unit (WHM-)

FivePD Callsign requests can be made through the link below, or through the applications tab on the top right of the page.


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