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Authorised Officers for RP?


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Hey team,

what’s everyone’s thoughts about Authorised Officers being included into the game at some point? Wether that be by bringing (Motorway Support Officers/Transport Support Officers) into the game or having custody staff for prisoner transport/running the cells. Could add more opportunities for RP whilst in custody and under arrest etc.


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I like the idea, Motorway support officers, are they like in charge of a scene at a vehicle breakdown?(sorry i'm a little confused on this one), also a little confused on how the Transport support officers role is going to work?



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Basically MSO's (no longer a thing), were non-sworn Police employees who were given certain powers under the Authorised Officer umbrella, like custody officers. They could 3T cars, issue tickets etc and were motorway based. Utilized to free up sworn constables from being road policing cops to public safety responders. There's a whole lot to it and im sure itll take a while to be implemented 

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