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SalesNZ Economy Civilian Organisation Application


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  • What is your proposed Organisation name?
    Zone 2
  • What type of organisation do you wish to form?
    Street Gang
  • Where will your Organisation be based?
    792, 793, 794
  • What is the backstory of your Organisation?
    Zone 2 is a Street gang out of west Wellington, Their main goals are the drug and weapon trade in Wellington city, and more minor operations in the outskirts of Wellington city. Money is the main driving factor and goal of the gang, If members do get in beef they will have the last laugh, Before Zone 2 The gang was called YBP a group of friends that would start off by robing civ's, as new generators were brought up through the gang, More options to make money appeared. And present-day Zone 2 goal as a Gang is to control the drug and weapon trade.
  • What does your Organisation wish to accomplish in the city?
    The goal of Zone 2 is to dominate the drug and weapon trade in the city, And make "make It out the hood" The gang does not want to have beef, but to relax in the city, and give back to the local community.
  • What is your discord ID?
  • Please provide the Discord ID's of your organisation members
    Kerjjin#1011 (If Unbanned)
  • Please provide a character backstory for your proposed founding member (Leader)
    Angle Matt, Is A Long Time og of Zone 2, Growing up with old Zone 2 members that have left, in jail or dead, He has been in the gang from the start and has recruited most in new members like Dug Wu, Before Zone 2 Angle Matt was a new member in the gang YBP, Being a top member in gang wars, with the other groups around Wellington. His Child hood was hard Growing up in the poorest part of Wellington and was nurtured to join a local gang to make money and provide for his family, Learning many trade secrets by doing so.
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to continually uphold a high standard of roleplay?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree not to bring our community into disrepute, be toxic, or childish towards other existing organisations?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to appropriately communicate with FiveM staff and Management?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to remain active as an organisation, and understand that if your activity is not consistent that your organisation will be removed?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, have you collectively read and have understood and agree to follow the Group and Organisation rules?
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