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  • What is your proposed Organisation name?
    Premiere Realty
  • What type of organisation do you wish to form?
    Business - Real Estate
  • Where will your Organisation be based?
  • What is the backstory of your Organisation?
    Premiere Realty was started by Ricky's father, Danny, in the early nineties after he and his wife moved here from China in the early eighties due to some family issues. Danny started with a local fishing company, spending a lot of his time off shore. He also worked on his english, as he knew the job wouldn't be for him forever. When his wife became pregnant with their first child, he left the fishing industry and trained to become a licensed real estate agent, as it would give him more time at home with his new-born son, Ricky. He started up his own agency after working his way up in another agency. Ricky became a licensed real estate agent in his mid twenties after his Rather decided it was time to step back from running the business due to his age and health. Ricky took over running the company in the hopes of bringing fresh new ideas to become one of the most successful real estate agents in Wellington.
  • What does your Organisation wish to accomplish in the city?
    Premiere Realty wants to make purchasing a property easy and enjoyable in the city. We want to offer a range of options in regards to property size, location and pricing. The property market is still very hot so we would like to put out newsletters in regards to current price trends, areas that are popular etc. I would like to offer semi-furnished properties as an option, as some people don't have the time to worry about that sort of thing. Occasionally I would like to offer fully furnished houses, where I will create a property video showing off the location and interior for people to view the house.
    We would also like to look into the possibility of running auctions for people wanting to sell.
    With my out of city job, I am able to do a lot of the admin, prep-type work during the day, so that in the evenings I can focus on customers.
  • What is your discord ID?
  • Please provide the Discord ID's of your organisation members
    Currently just myself, but I would like to hire more staff in city RP
  • Please provide a character backstory for your proposed founding member (Leader)
    Current owner of Premiere Realty Ricky Chen started in the real estate industry in his mid twenties. His father had been a real estate agent in New Zealand since the mid nineties, after they moved to Wellington from China when Ricky was still a baby. Ricky would head down to the real estate office that his father worked at after school to do a few odd jobs like cleaning etc for a bit of pocket money. When he was old enough to drive, he would head to properties and place the for sale signs out the front. After leaving school, Ricky was a bit lost and wasn't quite sure where he was heading in life. His father offered to pay for him to become a licenses real estate agent, which Ricky took him up on. Ricky loves meeting all the people in the city and helping people get into their dream homes.
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to continually uphold a high standard of roleplay?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree not to bring our community into disrepute, be toxic, or childish towards other existing organisations?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to appropriately communicate with FiveM staff and Management?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to remain active as an organisation, and understand that if your activity is not consistent that your organisation will be removed?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, have you collectively read and have understood and agree to follow the Group and Organisation rules?
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