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KyleYo Economy Civilian Organisation Application


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  • What is your proposed Organisation name?
  • What type of organisation do you wish to form?
  • Where will your Organisation be based?
    Hutt City Park (Mirror Park)
  • What is the backstory of your Organisation?
    The Natives MC is an old NZ community from down under who lived simple lifes in the small towns in NZ, The Natives MC recently moved out to Wellington to expand their knowledge and respect around the city. Natives enjoy bike cruises, BBQ’s and hanging out with mates. The Natives are notorious for being ruthless and tough people, but to others that respect them they are quite cool and chill to all around them.

    Natives MC Kaupapa/Policy’s,


    When joining the Natives we all become family. We will treat each other with respect.Family is not only the brotherhood but extends to our brothers families. Respect their families


    Integrity is the way in which we as Natives conduct ourselves both in the home as well as in the wider community. It’s about honour, truth, humility, & doing what’s right and fair with conviction.


    Respect All People Races, Creeds , Cultures and Clubs as you would have them respect you. Show no respect, you get no respect.


    We inherit our mana at birth. We can maintain, grow, and lose our mana with every action. We are responsible for our actions and the way we hold ourselves. The Mana of ourselves and our club is reflected on how others perceive us. Mana influences the behaviour of people and groups, & we uphold and maintain our mana through the expression and the action of aroha, hospitality, generosity and mutual respect. There are also times when the defence of Mana may require an excessive response due to the actions of others. Native Sons will always defend their Mana in everyday matters and try to enhance it whenever they can.

    Instant Dismissal:

    -Abuse of any form towards others,whether it be Physically, Mentally, Verbal or Sexual.

    -Dishonesty or Theft.

    -Creating bad relationships towards other clubs and gangs.


    This is the Foundation of who we are as The Natives MC, and as a Nation. It embodies our Culture, Our Heritage and Our Beliefs.
  • What does your Organisation wish to accomplish in the city?
    Details of day to day gang operation:

    -Drug Selling

    -Gun selling

    -Hosting street races and car meets

    -Bike meetups and cruises

    -Making Money for the club


    -We would plan to have a lot on offer for the people of Wellington. We always try to help. We won’t try to get into any confrontations and or fights with other gangs and clubs but won’t back down to a fight. Our plans as a crew are to be well known and have a reputation of don’t mess with these people in the city but to also have a reputation of being good guys and people that are cool to hang around and be a part of.Our mentality as a crew won't be about the rivalry’s and the wars but simply making money for our club, representing our club as best we can and being as good of people to other crews and gangs as we possibly can.Our first goal as a registered MC will be to set up a meeting with most other gangs and clubs in the city and start to gain respect towards our Club.
  • What is your discord ID?
    KyleYo #7905
  • Please provide the Discord ID's of your organisation members
    Huddy #4011
    Mitchell Moore #7263
    CarlosHermanos #1222
    milt #9208
    Sean Challis #4294
    MM_error #6939
  • Please provide a character backstory for your proposed founding member (Leader)
    Manu Vatuvei was born in Wanganui, but soon moved to Wellington at 4 years old. Manu's father was barely around and affiliated with gang activities and his mum was a severe alcoholic with no job. Manu's father would often bring gang members and issues around to their family home, this would cause a lot of stress between his parents. Manu had 2 younger brothers Tyrone and Hemi, they were fraternal twins but both born with heart problems and other complications due to his mom's alcoholism. By the time Manu was 11 Tyrone had passed away and Hemi bed ridden. Manu had been forced to become a father figure as Dad was not around and Mum was never sober. 4 Months after Tyrone's passing Hemi also passed, this was the start to Manu’s rebellion. Manu started to steal and started causing fights at school. Manu despised authority in every aspect. A year later his mum couldn't handle the stress of losing 2 children and the issues Manu was creating so she up and left which had Manu live with his father. This is where Manus' life really started to spiral, he got unwillingly involved with his fathers gang activities which further progressed his rebellion towards authority figures and ultimately was the start of a rough and dangerous life. At age 16 Manu was forced to put in work which had resulted in him being put in a juvenile detention centre for drug related offences for 16 months. By the time he got out his father had met his demise in a gang related shooting which ultimately left Manu in charge of the family related chapter of The Natives MC Wellington. Today his empire has risen and become stronger than ever, this is where Manu Vatuvei’s story really begins…
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to continually uphold a high standard of roleplay?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree not to bring our community into disrepute, be toxic, or childish towards other existing organisations?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to appropriately communicate with FiveM staff and Management?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to remain active as an organisation, and understand that if your activity is not consistent that your organisation will be removed?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, have you collectively read and have understood and agree to follow the Group and Organisation rules?
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Hey KyleYo, 

We are now looking to actively accept criminal organisations in our City and wanted to ask if you would still be interested?

BHRP Manager
Civilian Management 

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