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someone_close2u Economy Civilian Organisation Application


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  • What is your proposed Organisation name?
  • What type of organisation do you wish to form?
    Logistics and Construction Companty
  • Where will your Organisation be based?
  • What is the backstory of your Organisation?
    SHAO XING LOGISTICS was built on humble beginnings. Started two generations ago from my Great Grand Father. He built a small wooden cart and offered his services to farmers in his small rural town to cart rice from the farm to the processing plant 10km to processing plant in the city. It was not long before he had my Grandfather working for him as a child. After many years Great Grandfather had saved enough to build horse drawn cart. After getting all the farmers in his village as clients. He was approached by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and PRESUADED to take a large government Loan and expand his business. 32 Years later My Father and I have Controlling interests in South and West China. We run one of the biggest Government Backed Logistics Companies In China. We Have seen potential in Wellington and I have decided to move here to start and CONQUER the LOGISTICAL market and also start a Construction Business.
  • What does your Organisation wish to accomplish in the city?
    We want to own the warehouses the hold all consumables and material needs. We would deliver food, water, Cigarettes and other crafting ingredients to Dairies, Restaurants and Cafes and repair kits other machine and car parts to mechanics we can also deliver new cars to luxury autos if that's a possibility. We would obviously buy everything from the government which would be delivered by boat. The building side would be more for when a NEW MLO was being put into wellington can have a construction site set up and we can have people deliver good or have big concrete trucks and have roads cordoned off .
  • What is your discord ID?
  • Please provide the Discord ID's of your organisation members
    Was hoping to Hire people in city. Will update after launch.
  • Please provide a character backstory for your proposed founding member (Leader)
    Mr. Shao Xing is the named after his Great Grandfather. He is next inline to inherit the SHAO XING LOGISTICS Dynasty when his Dad dies. Hard working and also a cutthroat businessman. He grew up in a corporate world but was still poor . Dad was never around so is always out to seek his approval. He does have ties to the Triads, Buts so does everyone in China. Left China to build his own EMPIRE in NZ and will do so at any means necessary.
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to continually uphold a high standard of roleplay?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree not to bring our community into disrepute, be toxic, or childish towards other existing organisations?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to appropriately communicate with FiveM staff and Management?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to remain active as an organisation, and understand that if your activity is not consistent that your organisation will be removed?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, have you collectively read and have understood and agree to follow the Group and Organisation rules?
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CeeCee has declined the submission. Like the idea however not possible at this stage with our system mechanics, open a ticket if you require more information. 

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