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Players in Admin positions & vice versa.


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Recently I have noticed in another city, there was a few 'corrupt' issues going on and a bit of abuse in power by admins, along with alot of unhappy civilians. This was due to Heads of Organisation's etc being also admins or placed in positions of power on the govt team and making biased decisions. Although it can suck to not be able to play in a server/city that you put so much work into, I believe for the good and fairness of everyone in the city, I suggest some protocol or plan be put in place in the form of one or all of the following;

A. No admin/govt member can 'play' in the server.

B. An actual 'RP Govt' be formed in the city & that only be for Admins etc so they can have atleast some sort of RP fun within the city. Ie; run rallys to get votes/ run for prime Minister etc.

C. Very strict rules be placed around who can deal with certain incidents (particularly if it involves friends of an admin) - the later would need to be policed extremely well.

For your consideration for Beehive Economy. 


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My hot take,
A. I don't think can happen, Admins/Devs out of everyone deserve to take part and RP as well. But maybe not in positions of huge power. (leaders of Criminal/Civ Organizations etc) 
I've seen where this works really well in other cities they have admins that are part of organizations but not in positions of power where the biasness can cause them to swing one way

B. This works and does so in other citys, Some citys even run in City elections and have Mayors elected by citizens.
this has its own pros n cons they can be used as the go between and bring nongame braking RP issues to the attention of admins "Government", Run budgets etc for the gov departments and help with legislation

C. is a big one for me also There is alot of favoritism that can happen which can affect alot of other peoples RP.

and it becomes super obvious that this has happened and its the nature of this sort of thing that nothing actually stays between 2 parties someone will brag/overhear something and shit spreads like wildfire 

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Agree fully! It is something that really needs to be monitored/planned & executed well from Day 1, hence why I thought I'd bring it up. 🤜🤛

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