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Unmarked Police Cars & New Models

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- Unmarked Evoke. On the unmarked evoke there is no antenna's on the roof at all. The front lights off center as well, any chance we could fix this ?

- Unmarked Skoda. When Tobi gets back can he make a interior for the marked and unmarked Skoda ? Is this possible at all? 

- Unmarked ZB. The unmarked ZB also does not have any antenna's on the roof. The boot also does not open like it does IRL any chance we could fix this with the Unmarked & Marked? 

- Dog unit Equinox. Can we move the Dog unit over to the new and remade model of the Equinox?

- Marked Skoda. The bottom lights on the Skoda in the rear are too high up, on the UM Skoda there in the right place can we fix this?

- SV6 Dog Wagon. On the Heads up display it has the Beehive Icon with out a capital letter can we fix this at all? 


-  Thanks Husky



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