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Tasered or sprayed Civs

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This is one of my biggest bug bears.

If you’re tasered or sprayed you should not be able to get back up and go again.

Ive seen it happen where you tase someone, then they get up and keep running or pull a weapon out. 

This is super unrealistic, and quickly turns a scene into a bit of a mess. 

The civ rule that says once you’re handcuffed you can’t run, should be extended to being tasered, once you’ve been tased, you can’t run or act up. You’d want first aid and probably a hug from mummy. The last thing you’d realistically want is to continue pissing off the person that just momentarily turned you into the wish version of pikachu.

if you think about it, you’ve still got prongs and wires attached, plus the 50,000 volts that just toasted you, you wouldn’t be in a position to run.

Just suggesting this be an addition to the civ rules.

it’ll tidy scenes up, bringing with it more realism.

Cheers ears.


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