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Radio channels area specific.

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With the growing number of people on the server, and the radio just generally getting messy when it’s busy, maybe it’s time to start using different channels for different areas.

I guess the way this would work would say Porirua Police would be Ch 1.

FENZ and st John continue on their channels

Paraparaumu would be channel 4, Hutt valley channel 5, and so on.

Adding the channel code to the map would help the user friendliness of this, so people could easily see what channel they need to be on, unless you could rename the channels to their respective areas. 

Also would mean players can make use of the 10-6 code, for switching between the channels.

This would help with the radio congestion in busy times and also add an element of realism to the gameplay.

i did throw this idea out to rqver(?) earlier today but thought I’d throw it up here too to see what people thought.

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Adding to this, With the server becoming more popular with the influx of new players would it ever be viable to have 2 AOP’s at peak times?

Could be adjacent AOP’s on seperate radio channels with TUS running comms on one channel and another comms unit running the other AOP channel relaying information between each other.

This could make pursuits more dynamic if they travel across AOP’s and the units in the second AOP have to take over.

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*I really like the idea of this and will bring it up to the team. and i feel the same. and community is growing and we getting some much people on radio. this would help 

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