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Couple suggestions;

- Refactor rule 4.4, so that there must be at least 2 people in eagle, minimum. Having a sole pilot/camera operator is extremely impractical, and Eagle just  becomes more of an issue then a resource, crashing into stuff cause they are in camera, or concentrating on flying and then loosing sight of the vehicle/person of interest.

- In addition to 4.4, maybe refactor it to allow 3 people to be in the helicopter at any one time; This allows for a pilot, camera operator, and a third person, to deploy for LSAR jobs, to provide urgent medical assistance, save people in the water where maritime isn't available quickly, etc. 


- Rule 4.6 states that the vehicle in primary must run commentary of the pursuit - If the primary vehicle is 1 up, concentrating on; Driving safely, not crashing into people, objects or other police cars, watching for being brake checked, think about where the pursuit is going, where they are going to end up, coordinate spiking locations etc, avoiding spikes, keeping up with the vehicle, and keeping commentary. 
All of that is fine if the vehicle is 2 up, as one person can concentrate on driving, and the passenger can take callouts, however if there is a secondary vehicle in the pursuit, allowing them to run commentary would be super helpful. 



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