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- Hi. As you know NZ police have a wide variety of sirens they like to add to there cars. Since there is some conflict with what siren should be on witch car maybe for a select few that have multiple sirens on 1 car add the option in the "O" Menu to change for example the SV6 Series 2 from the Commander siren to the Wade siren. I think this would be a great idea to add so we can have more fun roleplaying in cars. 

- When we are going priority 1 in a car add the option for the second unit in the car to be able to turn the lights & sirens on and be able to flick through the different tones; This would be a more realistic idea I feel would be nice to add.

- Redo the lights on the back of the Skoda ( The Indicators and reverse lights) Currently in-game there is a long line indicator and 3 reverse light things. Get rid of the Indicator and swap it with the closest reverse light to the end of the Skoda. This is just a small feature that would be nice to see in-game. Also what's the ETA on having the correct highway livery for the red and silver Skoda? 


Cheers Husky, 

Incorrect Skoda blinkers.PNG

Correct skoda lights.PNG

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