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Hazmat / MCI Scene Spawnables


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At the recent operation SJA set up a MCI/Triage area (and later a morgue RIP AOS). The cones and barricades from the scene spawnables plus our stretchers made a pretty good setup. We got a visit from Police command who set up some lighting.

The experience got me thinking it would be great if we could get some spawnable tents, hazmat shower, some supply containers and flood lights. Perhaps these could be limited to being spawned by/near the FENZ command vehicle, perhaps a MIST vehicle could be added to SJA in the future.

That would enhance the RP of creating realistic triage, treatment, decon zones etc at certain scenes. 

Cheers for all the mahi, server is awesome!

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Thanks for your suggestion @TRIPLE 

I've added a decon tent. 

/decontent setup - This sets up a decontamination tent in front of you.
To toggle the showers, walk close to a decontamination tent and press E. This is also shown on-screen with a help message. The maximum distance to toggle the showers can be set in the configuration file, along with the keybind.

/decontent remove - This removes the nearest decontamination tent, even if you didn’t create it. You cannot remove a decontamination tent if the showers are active. These must be turned off first.

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