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FivePD AI Callouts


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I spent about 3 hours this morning responding to AI calls - I think I only responded to 2 that work, and they are both so overpowered that even AOS wouldn't be able to respond (Multiple Rail Guns, Homing Launchers, 10+ People with Fully Auto weapons, etc)

I think its probably worth doing multiple tests for each callout and making sure they work, and if they don't then purging them, as it kinda sucks responding to 10 calls in a row and nothing happening at any of them.


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Hi @Rqver

All the callouts are designed for the current version of FivePD which we run; and are compatible with OneSync.

That being said if you can provide the names of the callouts that aren't working, we're happy to have a look at them individually!

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