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Porirua Police station, Teleporting options in F1 menu

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Recently the FIVEPD script has been crashing a lot. When you are just getting into the game fivepd sometimes doesn't open the menu, when the menu doesn't open that mean you are not able to teleport to the aop and have to drive. What i think is a good idea is adding teleport options to the F1 menu under Misc Settings .

2: Porirua station 

I think it would be a great idea to add a garage to the side of the station to add a little bit more realism like bringing a K9 into the station with the doors shut so if he runs he cant get out etc.  


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Hey @huskyman264

Great suggestions. I've added the main police stations to the vMenu teleport script to help with any FivePD script errors that people may encounter, and have enabled teleport access to everyone.

While the garage would be cool, we aren't adding more assets to the server at the moment. We'll keep an eye on the performance and if stability increases we will revisit this!

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