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Soul Economy Business Application for Mirror Park Tavern


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  • What is the name you are most know by?
    Gengar Massai
  • What is your discord ID?
  • Have you read, understood, and agree to the business ownership rules?
  • Which Business would you like to apply for?
    Mirror Park Tavern
  • Where do you wish to be based?
    Mirror Park
  • Do you require a custom interior?
  • What is your characters first and last name?
    Gengar Massai
  • Please outline your characters backstory that is applying for this business
    Gengar Massai left Tokyo in 1997 after running a high end drug business, Gengar would have to flee to Wellington to get away from authorities. Here in wellington Gengar has had to start from scratch in building up his business and customers. Now dealing in both drugs and arms sales for the Yakuza. Gengar hopes that with a backend business it will allow him to evade the authorities, while selling under a "legal" business
  • What does your character wish to accomplish with this business?
    Gengar wishes to grow his business into a wide-ly used shop. where people can come and enjoy themselves with music, gambling, pool tables and food & drinks!
  • Please outline how your staff will be paid
    Commission base + bonus monthly
  • Is your application for an existing business?
  • Have you owned a business in our community before?
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