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H_uskys Economy Business Application for R&B Bike's Dealership


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  • What is the name you are most know by?
  • What is your discord ID?
  • Have you read, understood, and agree to the business ownership rules?
  • Which Business would you like to apply for?
    R&B Bike's Dealership
  • Where do you wish to be based?
    Just opposite to 753 (Sanders Motorcycle Shop)
  • Do you require a custom interior?
    Yes, I have attached a video of the one that will benefit us.
  • What is your characters first and last name?
    Benjamin Shelby
  • Please outline your characters backstory that is applying for this business
    Benjamin Shelby has been into cars/bikes all his life and would like to own a business related to the topic. He was thinking about it for a while then he met a friend named Rob Wilson and they both had the same idea and want to start a business together. They thought to themselves there is a lot of businesses out there but what one could we do and be smart about? They eventually thought of owning an import's bike shop and with this business they were going to make strive and succeed.
  • What does your character wish to accomplish with this business?
    Great company, good customers giving great feed back to us and making sure we provide the best customer service at R&B Bike's Dealership!
  • Please outline how your staff will be paid
    Log sheet, every week and commissioned based!
  • Is your application for an existing business?
  • Have you owned a business in our community before?
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