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Canned Bread Economy Criminal Organisation Application for Pettingill Family

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  • What is your proposed Organisation name?
    Pettingill Family
  • What type of organisation do you wish to form?
  • Where will your Organisation be based?
    538 La Fuente Blanca ( will pay for MLO if accepted)
  • What is the backstory of your Organisation and how are they perceived (in your opinion) on the street?
    The Pettingill family is a criminal family derived from a poverty stricken family that have been
    involved in multiple misjustices forcing the family to bind together and fend as a front to
    become established in the world economy.
    Headed by patriarch Ronnie Pettingill, the family aims to protect one's values and loved ones
    from the injustice of the government.
    Family members have been indicted for multiple criminal offenses including
    drug trafficking, arms dealing, armed robberies, extortion and organized crime.
    After Ronnie Pettingill was involved in a police shooting in Sydney, Australia, his
    wife Maria was caught in crossfire and sadly succumbed to her injuries. Ron was forced to but surrendered and is then arrested and tried for the crimes committed,
    deported back to New Zealand, his birth country, from Australia.
    Ron started his own family here in wellington and with the assistance of his brother in law,
    Reggie Pettingill. They have build up a reputation and is now functioning a organized crime family
    that is upholding the misjustice of those who are of similar standings within the economics of the world.
    This organized family business is perceived as a quiet, scary group with very unknown motives and secretive behavior. To those of similar economic standings, the Pettingill family could be perceived as an opportunity for protection and insurance of one's safety.
  • What does your Organisation wish to accomplish in the city?
    Become a dominant organization with good relations to other heads.
    To make peace and to bring uncertainty and worry to those that don't abide by the rules.
    The main goal summed up is dominance and control, along with interconnections and alliance. To bring good opportunities and keep those that deserve it safe.
  • What is your discord ID?
    Canned Bread#0898
  • Please your Discord details for the first proposed founding member (Leader)
    Canned Bread#0898
  • Please provide a character backstory for your proposed founding member (Leader)
    Frankie Pettingill
    Frankie Pettingill is the son of Ronnie, born to Maria on the 29th of January 1980, Frankie grew up under his father's wing and was one of the best things that happened to Ronnie. Growing up in a house which is constantly filled with cocaine dealers getting supplies and parties every hour of the day isn't what most people would call normal, but that's exactly how Frankie would describe it. Having lived with this bustle for 30 years, Frankie is the mastermind of micromanagement and never lets stress get to him, that is, until the police get involved... You see, Franky always grew up with his father telling anybody and everybody what to do so naturally, Franky does the same. Try doing that to a disgruntled Senior sergeant and he will kick the shit out of you in a holding cell, enticing you to fight back and well, when you do fight back and accidentally give him permanent brain damage well that isn't really ideal, is it? so after serving his extremely exaggerated sentence, (bad behavior is to blame) and having to only see his two new born twin son's through jail bars and in visiting centers, he decided he would be smarted from now on and the best way to do that was to work with his father again, so that's what he did. Micromanaging every movement and making sure that every T is crossed and every single I is dotted, his number one duty however, is keeping daddy happy. And that's what he does best.
  • Please your Discord details for the second proposed founding member
  • Please provide a character backstory for your second proposed founding member
    Ronnie Pettingill
    When he was born in Dunedin to a high class family in 1955, Ronnie, was expected to continue after his father and to take ownership of the family's rubber business. But by the time Ronnie was age 18, his relationship with his father had deteriorated and thus his father instead decided that he would sell the business and retire comfortably, that was until he notice a strange sharp almost stabbing like feeling in his back, that feeling was indeed very accurate as his now irate son had indeed, plunged a 7" knife into his fathers lung, killing him within minutes. Once Ron failed to convince his mother that he had simply fallen on the knife, she notified the authorities and Ronnie was charged with murder at the ripe age of just 18. Once he served 9 years, Ron moved to Sydney in hopes of both never seeing his mother again and to start over, then he found cocaine and this being the 70s, he found a lot of it. After then losing 10 years to the disco fever Ronnie had become quite a known face around not only Sydney's nightlife but also Sydney's bustling and exploding black market drug trade. By the 2000's Ronnie had made quite a few millions from his trade and had also racked up a few too many criminal charges. So when the NSW police force raided his home in the early hours of a Sunday morning, Ronnie resulted by firing his .44 magnum at a task force Raptor officer, after a 10~ minute gun fight, Ron's wife of 11 years copped a bullet to the back, (how ironic ikr) and succumb to her injuries almost instantly, After this tragedy, Ronnie couldn't continue and threw his hands up and surrendered, he was charged with:
    1x Possession and trafficking of a class A substance
    4x Possession and intention to sell a class A substance
    4x Manufacturing a class A substance
    2x Armed robbery
    6x Possession of a deadly weapon
    3x Assault on a police officer
    2x Escapes custody

    After being caught and deported, Ronnie served 21 years and now released has a new outlook on the rest of his life. At 66, Ronnie wants to see his family name continued and so has called the assistance of his son and his cousin to build a reputation and some respect here with Wellington's many criminal opportunities.
  • Please your Discord details for the third proposed founding member
  • Please provide a character backstory for your third proposed founding member
    Reggie Pettingill
    Reggie Pettingill is the cousin of Ronnie. Reggie never had a relationship with any of his cousins until later on in life, it's was during the winter of 1992 when Reggie first met his cousin, They happened to bump into each other at a nightclub and it turned out that crime did run in the family because Reggie had been laundering money for a living and had become quite good at it. whether it was cashing in and out at a casino or swapping it through car sales, Reggie always got away and had never been caught... that was until Ronnie asked him to clean $2,000,000 of dirty cash for a very recent bank robbery, Reggie couldn’t keep up and was sent away. without giving any info on his cousin or anyone else. Because he was so iron willed, Ronnie made sure that Reggie was always in work and he always has been since. As Ronnie's advisor, Reggie helps make all the important decisions and helps keep everyone out of trouble
  • Please your Discord details for the fourth proposed founding member
  • Please provide a character backstory for your fourth proposed founding member
    Harry Pettingill
    Harry grew up in the shadow of his twin brother Jordy, the golden child. Harry always coasted through life, just following his brother and doing whatever he says, Harry thinks that he should take over his fathers position because, "Jordy is too hot head, I could cope way better."
    after Jordy went to jail, Harry took it upon himself to prove his worth his father in any way possible, that meant taking a bullet to the face by diving in-between his father and an irate meth head, leaving him missing an eye, scarred and with a permanent brain injury, Harry's bravery was still un-noticed by the rest of his family but his father will never forget what his son did for him. Harry made his criminal intentions known to the police when he was caught after having broken into a Kmart and stealing $47 worth of lollies, of course, Jordy ran away and never got caught but Harry was only there to help his brother out. As much of a kind guy that Harry is, He is always dragged through the mud by his family. but he doesn't mind, he gets free cocaine after all.
  • Please your Discord details for the fifth proposed founding member

  • Please provide a character backstory for your fifth proposed founding member
    Aaron Cockrel
    Aaron was in attendance at Cranbrook School at the same time as both Harry and Jordy. When he first met the Pettingill brothers, he thought nothing of them but once they saw him being picked on and beaten up, they both stepped in and kicked the hell out of the 3 older students that were all larger than the brothers and successfully scared them off. Ever since that day the three have been inseparable and when Jordy dropped out, so did Aaron, and with his only mates gone, Harry followed suit. The only time Aaron ever got in trouble with the authorities was once charged with breaking and entering after him and the brother decided to break into a warehouse to try and find any valuables but all they found was rubbish and frozen food, probably should have checked what the building they were entering was first, and not trying to rob a wendy's storehouse. Aaron moronically left his hoodie inside and his mother had written his name and phone number on the tag. As you could imagine, the police found this quite helpful.
  • Please your Discord details for the sixth proposed founding member
  • Please provide a character backstory for your sixth proposed founding member
    Jordy Pettingill is the son of Franky Pettingill, often regarded as the quiet kind, Jordy enjoys the simple things in like like fine art and wine, he has also been known to enjoy the sports of tennis and golf, another favorite pastime is kidnapping people that owe his father money and drowning them in a bucket of cow urine. You see, when it comes to a family like this, with this level of respect, you are quite happy to go above the call of duty for family, like the time Jordy decided to curbstomp his twin brother's maths teacher for telling him that Harry was incorrect. Harry and Jordy have always been best of friends and the only thing they can't agree on is who will have the glory and honor of taking over their father? Jordy believes that he should because of his "astounding people skills"... he also thinks that Harry is a bit too slow and not very well spoken. Jordy tried to take a legal career against his father's approval but he couldn't keep his act up when tasked with being the lawyer of a man that his father despises, Jordy lost all control and started strangling the man on the court room floor... Great way way to get arrested. That only proves Ronnie's belief that blood is thicker than water and that no Pettingill will ever work with the law, no matter the situation.
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to continually uphold a high standard of roleplay?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree not to bring our community into disrepute, be toxic, or childish towards other existing organisations?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to appropriately communicate with FiveM staff and Management?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, do you collectively agree to remain active as an organisation, and understand that if your activity is not consistent that your organisation will be removed?
  • On behalf of your members listed above, have you collectively read and have understood and agree to follow the Group and Organisation rules?
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