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R1ley576 Economy Business Application for tuner/mechanic shop


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  • What is the name you are most know by?
    Wienas customs, or Autos customs, or T&Es body works. Will clarify a name if accepted.
  • What is your discord ID?
    Fletcher Lawn#8075, R1ley576#4640, Kimatic Dady#7280
  • Have you read, understood, and agree to the business ownership rules?
  • Which Business would you like to apply for?
    tuner/mechanic shop
  • Where do you wish to be based?
    927 at the tuner shop
  • Do you require a custom interior?
    No, it is already made
  • What is your characters first and last name?
    Tumutu wiena, eli brown, ricky baker
  • Please outline your characters backstory that is applying for this business
    We three are mates since we were young. All three of our dads owned jdm cars and went to car shows on a regular basis, our dads were all mates, so we met each other fast. After sharing our passion, we all realized we were all into cars. It really just went from there. In high school we did a technology class in which we designed an engine for a go kart. After high school we all took a mechanics course and became mechanics for various car company's, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, etc... We were mechanics for the next 4 years until one night at a bar a man came up to us. He started chatting with us and soon after we found our he was also a car lover. The man said he had an old warehouse that he isn't using anymore and always wanted an auto custom shop there. From there all three of us knew what we wanted to do, and that was to create our very own auto mechanic's shop.
  • What does your character wish to accomplish with this business?
    Our three characters wish to have a fully built, working and running mechanic shop at 927. At this mechanic shop we do up all sorts of cars but mainly focus on imports as we were JDM lovers since kids
  • Please outline how your staff will be paid
    15% GST
  • Is your application for an existing business?
  • Have you owned a business in our community before?
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