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Abstract_YT Economy Business Application for Black Market (Discord Server to Buy & Sell Weapons)


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  • What is the name you are most know by?
    The Oasis
  • What is your discord ID?
  • Have you read, understood, and agree to the business ownership rules?
  • Which Business would you like to apply for?
    Black Market (Discord Server to Buy & Sell Weapons)
  • Where do you wish to be based?
    Discord. Nowhere
  • Do you require a custom interior?
    No we do not require any interior for this. We hope to link this to our organisation by using the facilities we have in mind, we also want to keep this business as incognito as possible so no one actually knows who runs the black market.
  • What is your characters first and last name?
    Mike Okazaki
  • Please outline your characters backstory that is applying for this business
    As a child I had grown up living in a secure and safe environment as my father was the Oyabun of the Oni Yakuza. I thought nothing of it that my family was full of criminals and that i would one day take over the Yakuza, until the day our home was attacked and my mother was murdered, bleeding out in front of me. The face of the man that killed my mother never left my memory and bothered my father and I every day and night. One afternoon, my father recieved a call from one of his Kyodai that they had found the whereabouts the man that killed my mother. From there my father handed down the Legendary Katana of Chiyo to me, a 10 year old boy. We went to that dead mans location and i hacked at him with the Katana as i was unaware of how to properly wield and control it, brutally killing him. It was at that moment that my father handed down the title of Oyabun to me.
  • What does your character wish to accomplish with this business?
    My character and his organisation wish to bring a larger criminal underworld into the city where people can easily buy, receive and eventually sell guns using our business as a safer way to make money and get guns in the criminal world adding a whole different RP world to the city as well as boosting income for the organisation.
  • Please outline how your staff will be paid
    Commission based, as well as weekly payments based on weekly income for the business.
  • Is your application for an existing business?
  • Have you owned a business in our community before?
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